Balloon flight with a discount

This flight is very affordable, and is suitable for anyone, who would like to feel, what it is like to be in the clouds and have the world at your fingertips

Tickets for balloon flight with a discount are made for flights in mornings of working days. You can enjoy beautiful sun dawns with lots of wildlife, all the while the everyday rush is starting around. You have a choice of all  locations that we offer, apart from centre of Prague. We have basket for four to five people, which guarantees wonderful experience and views in all directions. Our team of pilots is experienced and will safely guide you through the whole flight and is always ready for any question. Generally speaking, morning flights are more beautiful and interesting than the afternoon ones. More wildlife is seen, and just waking nature has its own unique spell.

l Favourable flight with a discount:

  • Flight ticket for 1 person costs 5 400 Kč (the cost is final with full service – hotel pick-up, insurance, etc. Including tax and all charges)
  • In a basket for 4-5 people
  • Ticket valid for 1 year
  • Flights only during a working day in the morning
  • Choice of location of take-off from our offers

Cost includes:

  • Gift ticket on embossed paper
  • pick up at the hotel and transport
  • lnsurance during flight and during the car trip
  • Delivery of tickets around Prague or sending of the ticket by post
  • Transport of passengers from Prague to the location of take off and back
  • At least 60 minutes of flight
  • Coffee and biscuits as refreshments
  • Baptism of aeronaut, during which pilot tells you about history of balloon flights
  • Toast with cooled champagne
  • Memorial baptism certificate

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