Private balloon flight

Our baskets can carry 4 to 5 people, which is ideal for families or groups of friends

You will not be disturbed by anyone else during a private flight, and everything will be under your control. During the whole flight duration, you will have an experienced pilot just for yourself, so that you can ask anything and you will be taken care of with maximum care. Balloon flight will become one of the most beautiful memories of your life and you will surely often remember it during your joint events.

We have extensive experience with sightseeing flights, so that you are guaranteed safe flight and landing, and professional and personal approach. Our pilots take balloon flights not only as a work but as a hobby as well, so they will be happy to show you all possibilities of a hot air balloon.

Given that you have whole basket just for yourself, you can pick any location for the flight. Everything needs to be consulted with us, so that we can carry out the flight in the location of your choosing. If you don’t have any preferred location, we will be happy to help you choose. Or you can have a look at our website where do we fly and you can choose a location, which you would prefer, on your own.

Soukromý let:

  • Flight ticket for maximum of 5 people costs 21 900 Kč (the cost is final, including tax and all charges.)
  • The basket is only for your friends or your family.
  • Ticket valid for 2 years
  • You choose the location of take-off (we charge 12,-Kč/km above 100km from Prague)

Cost includes:

  • Gift ticket on embossed paper
  • l nsurance during flight and during the car trip
  • Delivery of tickets around Prague or sending of the ticket by post
  • Transport of passengers from Prague to the location of take off and back
  • At least 60 minutes of flight
  • Coffee and biscuits as refreshments
  • Baptism of aeronaut, during which pilot tells you about history of balloon flights
  • Toast with cooled champagne
  • Memorial baptism certificate

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