Tethered balloon

Upoutaný balón Your company party, birthday celebration, children’s day, or party for clients, can become unforgettable thanks to so-called tethered balloon. Our pilot will arrive with all the needed equipment, and in front of all your guests will prepare the balloon for flight. He will perform expert commentary, and answers all your questions. The balloon never detaches from the ground, it stays attached by a rope with high load capacity. The balloon then serves as an elevator, which brings groups of five to seven people into the sky at a height of roughly 45 meters, where they can enjoy the view of the surrounding. To finish the event, the balloon can take off for a sightseeing flight with previously determined passengers..

Price list

  • First hour 16 000,-Kč
  • Every following begun hour 11 000,-Kč / or 15 minutes for 4 000,-Kč
  • Travel above 100 km from  Prague 12 Kč/km

Upoutaný balon v noci Tethered balloon can also work as an advertisement. All that is needed is
to attach an advertisement banner to the basket or the surface of the balloon itself. The balloon, which will float high in the sky for the whole event will reliably attract attention of many potential customers.

Tethered balloon can be used in various occasions:

  • company outdoor events
  • opening of new branch, public celebrations
  • children days, sports days
  • town celebrations, exhibitions and fairs
  • promotional campaigns, election events

Prices and terms and conditions for long-term or larger and complicated order can be individually agreed on.