Frequently Asked Questions

Is the flight safe?

Statistically, balloon flying is the safest form of flying and transport all together…more

Are the passengers insured?

All our balloons are insured by Allianz. The range of the insurance is given by flight regulations, and includes passengers too. see certifikates

How long in advance is it needed to reserve a date of flight?

During season, 2 weeks in advance is usually enough. However, it is better to reserve a date 3 to 5 weeks in advance, if you are free only during a weekend.

Do I have to wait with my date until the basket gets fully occupied?

If the weather is good, the flight will happen at the previously agreed date. It is purely our responsibility to make sure the basket is full to its capacity.

Under what conditions can a balloon fly?

Under favourable weather conditions, this means wind less than 5m/s, no rain and sufficient visibility. Also, there must be no risk of storms.

Why do you fly only in the morning after sunrise or in the evening before sunset?

During the day, there are thermal flows, beginning roughly 2 hours after sunrise and ending roughly 2 hours before sunset. It is dangerous for hot air balloon, since it also works on a difference of temperatures.

Can I choose the location of start?

Yes, if you have tickets for a romantic or private flight. Since the balloon’s speed and direction is determined by the speed and direction of the wind, it is better to let us know what place you would like to fly over, and decide with the pilot, where to start depending on the current wind and local air spaces.

If you have a different type of ticket, you can still choose from places like Konopiště, Český ráj, České středohoří, Karlštejn, Žebrák/Točník, Slapy, etc.

Where can a balloon take off?

Balloon can take off from any space of dimensions roughly 50×50 m. Field, with no high obstacles in the direction of flight, is ideal. Of course, with the consent of the owner.

Where will we land?

Balloon always flies in the same direction as the wind. So it depends only on the strength and direction of the wind in different heights. A pilot can never predict where he will land at the beginning of the flight. He decided based on the current weather conditions and available places to land.

What should I wear?

There is no need for any special equipment. Just wear what you would wear on a trip to nature – strong shoes and clothes, with which you don’t mind getting dirty. There is not much colder in the balloon, and there is no wind either, since the balloon goes as fast as the wind.

Is there any age or health restriction for a balloon flight?

There is no upper age limit. However, there is no space to sit in the basket, so passengers need to be able to stand for the duration of flight. Unfortunately, our balloons are not modified for use with wheelchairs. If you are not sure whether your physical condition allows for an enjoyable flight, please consult with us.

Can children fly as well?

Yes, children can fly too, but height of at least 140cm is required, so that they can see over the edge of the basket. Children under 15 years old can fly only with their parent’s consent.

How many people fit into a basket?

You can fly with one of three of our ballons, with capacity of 5, 4 a 2 passengers.

Can I film, take pictures etc. during the flight?

There is no limitation on use of cameras or other electronic devices around balloons.

How long does a flight last?

The flight itself lasts roughly 60 minutes, but when preparation before the flight, packing of the balloon, ennoblement and travel are taken into consideration, it will take 3 to 5 hours. (see the flight)

How quickly does a balloon fly and how far will we fly?

Balloon flies as fast as the wind, and usually we will travel 10 to 20 km.

How high will we fly?

From the start, where we are just hovering above ground, we can get as high as 1km. Usually, we fly around 300m above the ground, which allows an ideal view near and far.

Is it possible to somehow control the balloon?

Balloon can be controlled only by changing its height. Each layer usually has slightly different wind direction and an experienced pilot can use it. Unfortunately, there is no way to simply turn a wheel like you could with a car.

How long does the preparation and packing of the balloon take?

Construction and packing of the balloon takes about 30 minutes.

Have you ever had an accident?

Since the first take-off, we haven’t had an accident. Passengers leave healthy and satisfied every time.

What fuel is used in a hot air balloon?

Balloons can use pure propane, LPG or propane-butane. Our balloons only use pure propane, which we get directly from gasworks. Pure propane doesn’t clog the burner, like other gasses do, and has higher heating value, so that it is safer.

Will there be a parachute available?

Given the high safety of balloon flying, there is no need for a parachute.

Where are the sandbags?

Our balloons are hot air balloons, so they rise by warming up the air inside of the casing with a burner. Balloons with sandbags are called gas balloons, their casing is filled with gas (helium or hydrogen) and they rise by losing weight by pouring out the sand.

Do you sell special gift design flight tickets?

Yes, our gift tickets are on an embossed paper, in an envelope of the same material, with a discreet logo of a balloon. Such a gift is surrounded in mystery, but it gives away a little bit.